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Implemented projects

Infrastructural investments in the Silesian Industrial Park

The project was divided into two stages. The first stage covered major renovation of an office building of the former coalmine KWK "Polska" in Świętochłowice together with adjacent usable area (car park and green areas) of 935.82m2.
On 26th October 2006 the office building in Świętochłowice was officially opened. 20 offices, an air-conditioned conference room and parking spaces were made available to the lessees. Currently, the total area has been made available for entrepreneurs.


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The Incubator of Technological and Servicing Innovations - "Architecture and Construction"

The project covered a total area 5,800 m2 located in Ruda Śląska in Szyb Walenty Street. It featured renovation of three devastated buildings (guildhall, bath and lamp rooms) of the former KWK 'Wawel' coalmine and a repair of an in-park road section, driver training ground and a car park. The entire area was illuminated and enclosed.


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