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Current projects

Creation of surveying laboratory  In Silesian Industrial and Technological Park In town Ruda Śląska.

Silesian Industrial and Technological Park Ltd.

On 8 July 2013 was concluded agreement with silesian voivodeship financing the project entitled „Creation of surveying laboratory  In Silesian Industrial and Technological Park In town Ruda Śląska” within  The Regional  Operational Programme of the Silesia Voivodeship for the years 2007-2013, Priority I – Research and technological development, innovation and entrepreneurship, Measure 1.3 – Technology and innovation transfer.


Value of the project 208 202,00 PLN
Value of the grant received: 143 879,42 PLN

The Project co-funded by the European Union Project from European Regional Development Fund under Regional Operational Programme of the Silesia Voivodeship for the years  2007-2013.

Project involves creation of surveying laboratory and purchase of modern surveying equipment – 3D laser scanner and measure device based on GPS technology GNSS..
Terrestrial laser scanning are considered the most modern surveying technology. This technology changes the way we can analyze phenomenon’s occurring in reality.
From surveying performed to discreet points we move to 3-dimensional model analyzes  formed by respective software from the cloud of points.  Laser scanner is modern device used to obtain spatial data for specialized studies used in various areas of life. The advantages of this scanner over other measurement  techniques are high recording speed,  high geometric precision, as well as the possibility of making  measurement without direct contact with the device. Another instrument intended to purchase as part of the project is GPS  device- innovative tool to create geodetic networks. Satellite measurements based on the use of global positioning system (GPS) were recently used in all types of surveying and navigation. The main advantage of satellite based technologies compared with conventional terrestrial techniques is higher accuracy, possibility of instantaneous position acquire, almost complete automation of measurements and data compilation and most of all significantly lower costs.  GPS measurements are used to determine the coordinates of the points of still and moving object. With GPS surveyors can determine the position in any weather conditions, anywhere on planet earth, in common to the entire globe point of reference. These techniques are now huge competition to traditional, less accurate and above all more expensive surveying.

Creation within the scope of project - field laboratory will contribute to extend of the Park offers with two innovative services:

1. Taking surveying-cartographic measurements  ( creation of digital terrain model, satellite leveling, creation and update of GIS and LIS systems, bathymetric mapping,  cadastre creation, agricultural land inventory, shift vectors designation, stability of deformation studies).
2. Spatial scanning ( inventory and creation of  3D vector model devices, creation of 3D models of façade and interiors of buildings, architectural and architectural-conservation building inventory, creation of 3D maps for design purposes, measurements of structural building elements, creation of 3D models of individual components or pieces of equipment).

The project will contribute to strengthen cooperation between the Park, The Silesian University of Technology and the AGH University of Science and Technology. The discussions concern a.o. use of surveying laboratory to carry out joint research projects