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Project II

The Incubator of Technological and Servicing Innovations - "Architecture and Construction"

1. The implementing institution: Agency for Enterprise Development in Warsaw

2. The governing institution: the Ministry of Economy
3. Total value of the project: PLN 19,992,085.03
4. The value of subsidy: PLN 10,384,225.37
5. The project carried out from February 2007 to June 2008
6. Scope of the project

        The project covered a total area 5,800 m2 located in Ruda Śląska in Szyb Walenty Street. It featured renovation of three devastated buildings (guildhall, bath and lamp rooms) of the former KWK "Wawel" coalmine and a repair of an in-park road section, driver training ground and a car park. The entire area was illuminated and enclosed.

7. The following areas were created in the renovated buildings:

  •             In the building of a former lamp room modern office areas were created ready for lease
                - fully chargeable commercial areas;
  •             In the building of the former bath modern office rooms were created, especially adjusted
                for service and design companies;
  •             The seat of the Silesian Industrial and Technological Park was transferred to the building
                of the former guildhall;
  •             The building of the former coalmine guildhall a specialist shared area was created with
                surrounding offices; this area will be used for work of numerous design teams, organization
                of project presentations, designing work requiring large areas, organization of conferences
                and events such as trade fairs (e.g. concerning the latest construction technologies).

8. The development of the area and buildings of the former KWK "Wawel" coalmine was divided into three functional zones:

  •         The main square with the map of the Upper-Silesian Agglomeration on the tile floor.
  •         Car parks and access roads.
  •         "Silesian Carpet" - the main pedestrian tract with an axial entrance tract called "Silesianeum",
            with an artistic element located nearby, and "informational paths" diverging sideways, ended with
            information boards. An educational and recreational park was constructed in this part.

        The project was carried out with the cooperation of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. Future graduates of that university will be able to set up their own companies in favourable conditions.