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Project I

Infrastructural investments in the Silesian Industrial Park

1. Location: Ruda Śląska I and Świętochłowice Wojska Polskiego

2. The implementing institution: Agency for Enterprise Development in Warsaw

3. The governing institution: the Ministry of Economy

4. Total value of the project: PLN 33,037,925.88

5. The value of subsidy: PLN 19,391,693.79

6. The project carried out from September 2005 to June 2008

7. Scope of the project

    The project was divided into two stages. The first stage covered major renovation of an office building of the former coalmine KWK "Polska" in Świętochłowice together with adjacent usable area (car park and green areas) of 935.82m2.   


    The second stage included the construction of:

  •     1.69 km access road in Zajęcza Street in Ruda Śląska,
  •     infrastructure in the form of a warehouse/production hall of the usable area of 7,153.9 m2,
  •     office building of the area of 844.4 m2,
  •     boiler house with a porter's lodge of the usable area of 157.2 m2 together with the necessary
        connections and networks (sewage treatment plant with a separator),
  •     storage areas of 11,200 metres.

    The undertaking in Zajęcza St was preceded by macro-levelling works, whose objective was to fill up the cave-ins and level the terrain.

    On 7th November 2008, a modern storage and production hall was brought into operation with complete infrastructure.