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About the Park

Silesian Industrial and Technological Park were defined in Poland for the first time in the Act on financial support of investments dated 20 March 2002 (Journal of Laws of 2002, no. 41, item 363, compliant with Journal of Laws of 2005 no. 249, item 2104). According to the definition, an industrial park is a real property complex including technical infrastructure which has remained after a restructured or liquidated enterprise, established on the basis of a civil legal agreement where one of the parties is a local self-governing unit. The assumptions of a technological park are similar; however, a technological park is mostly focused on the transfer of knowledge and technology between scientific centres and entrepreneurs.


Silesian Industrial and Technological Park is excellent transport links, located in the centre of the Silesian urban agglomeration. It was created for entrepreneurs with the intention of economic and social revival of these excellent areas in terms of investment attractiveness.


Silesian Industrial and Technological Park was established by virtue of agreement concluded on 18th June 2004 between:

  •     the City of Ruda Śląska,
  •     the City of Świętochłowice,
  •     "Inwestor" Sp. z o.o. [Ltd], Agency for Development in Ruda Śląska
  •     PPUH "Rudpol - OPA" Sp. z o.o.[production, service and trade, Ltd] in Ruda  Śląska,
  •     "Carbo Energia" Sp. z o.o [group of industrial heat plants, Ltd] in Ruda Śląska.