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Cluster - spatial and sectoral concentration of entities influencing economic growth or innovation and at least ten entrepreneurs conducting business activities on the territory of one or more neighbouring provinces, which compete or cooperate in the same or related business fields and connected by an extended network of formal and non-formal relations, whereas minimum 50% of entities operating within the cluster are entrepreneurs.
(definition according to Regulations of the program entitled 'Cluster Support and Development')

A continuation of the Incubator of Technological and Servicing Innovation, 'Architecture and Construction', established by the Silesian Industrial Park is launching the Cluster of Services: Architecture - Construction - Surveying.


It is planned that the newly-created Incubator will house fully equipped lease areas for surveying, construction or architectural companies and also areas for trade fairs, exhibitions or trainings. The Silesian Industrial Park, applying for a subsidy within the Innovative Economy Operational Program 2007-2013, is willing to provide the Cluster-associated companies with most recent technologies, equipment and software.

On 27th March 2008, a meeting was held in the building of the Silesian Industrial Park, during which the Cluster of Architecture - Construction - Surveying Services was initiated; the SIP is its coordinator. A series of workshop training sessions for entities working within the Cluster was initiated during the meeting. The first subject of interest was presented by the counsellor of the SIP. The companies became acquainted with tasks and possibilities resulting from the establishment of the Cluster. The companies associated within the Cluster can improve their market competition and service quality thanks to shared experience, trainings and access to new technologies all soon available to the Cluster. The Cluster will enable the companies to contact academic institutions and scientific and research units directly.

  •     BAUREN Renke Piotr
  •     Przedsiębiorstwa - Usługowe "IMALEX" Marek Sojka Usługi Geodezyjne - [surveying services],
  •     Jarosław Bochyński FIRMA - BUSK
  •     Mariusz Wawezyniak Z.H.U. "Marbud" - [trade and services company],
  •     GEO-PLAN s.c. T. Banczek, M. Kranoń
  •     Firma Jugres, Jerzy Kutynia
  •     Przedsiębiorstwo usługowo - handlowe GEOCAD Sp. z o.o.
  •     NURKOWE Architektura i budownictwo Aleksandra Nurek - [Architecture and Construction]
  •     Architektura i Budownictwo A. Nurek A. Czachowska s.c.
  •     AKCES - Andrzej Nurek
  •     KEMATHERM POLSKA sp. z o.o. - [Ltd],
  •     Firma Handlowo - Usługowa Georaf Rafał Petrykowski
  •     "GeoGIS" Geodezja i Kartografia, inż. Janusz Pazur - [surveying and cartographic services],
  •     PLUS 8.pl M. Górczyński, Ł. Pluta, R. Seemann
  •     Akademia Górniczo - Hutnicza, Wydział Geodezji Górniczej i Inżynierii